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Buy Real Virgin Human Hair Brazilian Bundles . Guarantee all hair are genuine Human Hair in Ebony Tiara Virgin Human Hair Store . AND Get 50% Discount for New Store Promotion !

Brazilian Human Hair Bundle Natural Straight---Single Drawn Real Human Hair Brazilian Straight Bundles.

$13.99 $27.98

Single Drawn Real Human Hair Brazilian Straight Bundles ---Brazilian Human Hair Natural Straight.

Hair Quality: Real Human Hair, high quality of genuine human hair, soft and natural human hair Brazilian bundles, with realistic natural layered ends to give your hair a natural beautiful look.  Get real high quality of genuine human hair with Ebony Tiara Real Human Hair Bundles. 

  1. Hair Origin: 100% real human hair. 
  2. Hair Bundle ratio: Single Drawn with layered look at the ends.
  3. Hair Cuticles: Aligned in the same direction, last longer.
  4. Weight: 95g -100g with wefts.
  5. Wefts: Double machine wefts, minimum shedding.
  6. Color: Natural Black, can be colored to #30 with professional guidance. 
  7. Straight Hair Re-style: Natural Straight, can be restyled with proper temperature control.